Author: Phillip Posillico

Nov 09, 2015 Student Engagement: Attempting Better Measures of a Subjective Experience

with Ben Keeler In some of our previous blog posts we have discussed topics such as School Climate, Social-Emotional Learning, Digital Literacy, and Blended Learning. In future posts we plan on delving into the debates surrounding 21st Century learning, Parent-Teacher Relationships, Teamwork/Collaboration and Academic Motivation. Today’s post is about Student Engagement. The first step in measurement is always to agree on a clear definition. After sorting through the best academic literature on the topic, we've arrived at this one as a starting point: Students are engaged with learning when they are involved in their work, persist despite challenges and obstacles, and take visible delight...

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Jul 15, 2015 Social-Emotional Learning: Success Through Character

This blog post summarizes the discussion surrounding Social-Emotional learning, how we measure it, why it’s important and how it impacts other aspects of the student experience. We are looking to initiate a constructive dialog by contributing our methods of measurement and evaluation to the conversation in order to develop more effective research strategies. Social-Emotional learning (SEL) is broadly defined as the process in which students acquire knowledge and skills that help them positively manage their emotions and navigate difficult social situations. Educators and researchers are giving social-emotional learning more and more significance as a factor of influence on the holistic...

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Jun 18, 2015 School Climate Research – A Trivial Pursuit or a Catalyst for Change?

What educators need to better understand the condition of their school’s climate. When it comes to educational research and reform, a schism of perspectives has been created within the field that divides school climate in two: School climate research as a necessity for progress and school climate research as a waste of time. There seems to be very little middle ground. Carolyn S. Anderson of the American Educational Research Association recognized that researchers fall into two categories when it comes to the search for school climate: Pessimists and Optimists. Pessimistic researchers view school climate as a Unicorn: a mythological creature that can be...

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