Experience Sampling

Breakthrough II campus

Oct 22, 2015 How Digitizing a Student Character Grading Rubric Changed A Magnet School

EduMetrics’ product iNOTED is a flexible platform that is helping schools collect information that helps their mission and curricular goals. The EduMetrics team works with each school to help determine which areas would help advance the goals of their school based on our available modules. However, at times there is something unique that a school wants to assess. In those cases, the research team at EduMetrics works with staff at the school to create an assessment to meet the school’s needs. Here is an example of what this looks like at one of our schools. One of our partnering schools, Breakthrough...

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Jan 29, 2015 To Legitimize Character Education Programs, We Must Measure Student Character Better

A major obstacle standing in the way of comprehensive character education is that current measures of program effectiveness lack scientific accuracy. This makes it difficult to evaluate whether specific curricula are actually improving kids’ capacities. It’s also really hard for school leaders interested in implementing character education programs to compare commercially available options because each program uses different methods to measure effectiveness. But the experience sampling approach to data collection, pushing a few questions a day to devices carried around by students and teachers, could blow the door open on this field and change how we approach making sure these character education programs...

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Jan 21, 2015 How “Experience Sampling” Could Revolutionize Teacher Grade Reports

Think of a typical progress or grade report a teacher writes each quarter. Most of them require a teacher to fill out a rubric or checklist to indicate progress on a variety of behaviors, like active listening, respecting others and staying on task. But what are teachers actually basing these ratings off of after several weeks of school have passed? If we're honest with ourselves (and I spent eight years as a middle and high school history teacher, so I'm included here!), we'd admit that most of us  base them off of vague recollections of past behavior that was either exceptional...

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