Social-Emotional Learning

Aug 28, 2015 The Enduring Impact of Trauma in Schools, How Social-Emotional Learning Could Help

In the last post Phil talked about social-emotional learning. In this blog post Liz will be sharing the impact of Hurricane Katrina in the work that she does at EduMetrics, and in particular the importance of social-emotional learning in schools. This time of year always brings up a lot of things for Liz, in particular, the stories her former students told her about Hurricane Katrina. These are her opinions and experiences. Liz is a research associate working on the Templeton Study. You can read more about the study here. Five years ago in the beginning of August I was in an...

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Jul 15, 2015 Social-Emotional Learning: Success Through Character

This blog post summarizes the discussion surrounding Social-Emotional learning, how we measure it, why it’s important and how it impacts other aspects of the student experience. We are looking to initiate a constructive dialog by contributing our methods of measurement and evaluation to the conversation in order to develop more effective research strategies. Social-Emotional learning (SEL) is broadly defined as the process in which students acquire knowledge and skills that help them positively manage their emotions and navigate difficult social situations. Educators and researchers are giving social-emotional learning more and more significance as a factor of influence on the holistic...

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