01 Dec EduMetrics Awarded $250,000 from the John Templeton Foundation

We are excited to announce that we have been awarded a grant from the John Templeton Foundation in response to their funding competition entitled, “New Assessments and Measures of Virtue.” We are honored to gain recognition from such a renowned organization that has consistently funded innovative projects to answer life’s Big Questions.

EduMetrics has been selected from a pool of over 100 highly competitive proposals, nine of which were selected to receive funding. The $250,000 grant funds a 12-month longitudinal study of 500 middle school students at five schools throughout New England. The main approach will be to send a small number of easy-to-answer questions each day to both teacher and student smartphones and laptops on the topics of diligence, compassion, and honesty.

Currently, if student character is measured within schools at all, it is commonly done through brief end-of-term teacher reports or burdensome one-time surveys – both of questionable validity. EduMetrics will be using the New Assessments and Measures of Virtue grant to develop new measures and approaches to obtain more reliable information by gathering daily snapshots of character.

Using iNoted, a software developed by EduMetrics, teachers and students are being asked daily questions about three overarching themes of character development: diligence, honesty, and compassion. Additionally, the EduMetrics team will be working collaboratively with schools to create customized questions that meet individual school’s needs. Three to five questions will be disseminated through web- and smartphone- based apps that ask about student experiences for that day. The results will be compared to traditional paper-and-pencil assessments of student character to see if daily information provides greater accuracy. Aggregate information collected will be shared with school administration to help advance character-based educational initiatives.

EduMetrics is looking forward to collaborating with the Templeton Foundation to understand how student character can be measured effectively using technology.

We’re still looking for additional schools to participate, so please spread the word if you are a teacher, administrator, parent or researcher who believes in our vision of finally being able to measure student character accurately and feasibly in school settings! More very soon…

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