Understand what’s really
happening with students,
teachers and parents


Collect superior, actionable data

in the busy school environment.


If you want to gather data on school climate, you’re usually stuck using one-time paper-and-pencil or online questionnaires. But these disrupt the school day, eat up instruction time, and measure very little beyond what students were thinking and feeling during the time they took the survey.


What if you could have highly accurate data every day on your students that didn’t even disrupt the daily routine? It’s now possible.


iNOTED integrates seamlessly into the daily bustle of the school day by sending a few multiple-choice questions to student, teacher and/or parent devices, at the times you decide. What you get is powerful data from respondents in their natural environment, with experiences still fresh in their minds.


Instead of asking typical, self-report survey questions like “Adults who work at my school treat students with respect.” (answer choices: Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree) we ask about one specific experience at a time: “Today, how much did adults who work in your school treat students with respect?” Send this question to all of your users at random times over a week or month, and you get much more accurate information about what’s really going on.


iNOTED Grad is our app available for iPhone and Android smartphones that allows a school to follow the progress of its graduates as they move on to the next stage of their lives.


By answering simple, multiple-choice questions pushed to their phones a few times each week, graduates provide a stream of data on key domains such as sense of well-being, lifelong love of learning, academic preparation, engagement in learning, community service and philanthropy.


We then analyze and report on their continuing development to demonstrate the lasting effect of your school on their life trajectory.


The app’s simple design and ease of use yield substantially higher rates of response than standard alumni survey methods through postal mail or email. iNOTED Grad is the first of its kind to provide such a rich range of precise data on a school’s graduates.


More info at iNOTED.com



Baseline Assessment Test (BAT)


Our Baseline Assessment Test (BAT) for iPad establishes valid starting points from which to track students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade on academic and character growth.


This provides the first step in demonstrating your school’s added value over other educational options as your students advance in grade levels. It also detects mild learning and attention difficulties early on and provides an accurate description of a child’s learning characteristics.


The measures used in the BAT are based on a thorough examination of peer-reviewed academic journal articles, with more measures being added monthly.


The BAT currently assesses the following key predictors of academic and social well-being in K-2 students:


1. Early math ability (Number recognition, number sense)
2. Sustained attention (a key aspect of executive functioning)
3. Reasoning ability (early measure of IQ)
4. Visual-Motor abilities (copying geometric figures, fine motor control)
5. Temperament (shyness, activity level, sociability)
6. Compassion
7. Conscience and “moral sense”
8. Honesty