05 Jan What is EduMetrics And Why Should I Care?


With our newly redesigned website just launched last month we thought it would be just as important to relaunch our blog and do it right. To this end, here’s some background on who we are, what we’re passionate about, and where we’re headed in the years to come…

EduMetrics was founded in 2010 by Dan Kindlon and Steve Buka over a steak dinner at Patriot Place in Foxboro, Massachusetts. These two friends and colleagues at the Harvard School of Public Health, nationally recognized experts in child development at this point, had spent their academic careers doing basic research. Now they were interested in taking their “ivory tower” skills and using them to make a difference in schools.

Two things concerned them back then that now drives our mission today. One, schools have little way of proving through high-quality, scientifically valid data what kind of impact they have on their students beyond academic growth. For instance, a school may state in its mission that it aims to mold “inquisitive and respectful global citizens,” but how can it show that this is actually happening? Two, they rarely have the time or in-house expertise to collect, analyze and report data on these non-cognitive domains. Dan and Steve realized that there was no bridge between the excellent work being done in educational and psychological research and the schools on the ground who needed help gathering this data.

From that evening a few years ago our company’s mission has stayed consistent: transform school decision-making by bringing the latest data collection and statistical analysis methods from the social sciences to schools. A key component of this vision is to leverage emerging technology to bridge this gap, which brings us to our current focus: real-time assessment of students, teachers and parents on all the things that matter beyond academics.

There’s a lot that schools can and should be measuring that tests and quizzes will never be able to cover: School climate, engagement with learning, anxiety and stress, growth mindset, cultural sensitivity, teacher and parent satisfaction are just some of them. We’re passionate about making it possible for schools to do this without disrupting the school day.

Our recently launched data collection offering, iNoted, is how we do this, by sending a few questions per week to user devices about experiences, attitudes and self-reported behaviors.

Where are we headed? We hope that by giving schools high-quality data reports on things they never thought they could measure that they’ll begin to see their own mission, core values and day-to-day activities in a new light. As the old saying from academic research goes: “You can’t change what you can’t measure.” Illuminating what’s really going on through data that schools can trust will hopefully allow them to make the best decisions for their students, teachers and parents.

This blog will reflect the goals, passions and interests of our team at EduMetrics and will include articles and opinion pieces on the current thinking about measuring non-cognitive skills in schools, original research findings from our work in schools, and other pieces describing what we’re up to day-to-day. In the immediate future, you can expect to learn more about the people that work at EduMetrics, the methods that we use to collect better data, and more specifics about the work that we’re doing with our client schools. The blog is written and maintained by our team at EduMetrics, a diverse group of educators, researchers, technologists, and business experts that bring a unique and necessary understanding to the field of education.

We’re excited to be on this journey with all of you! Stick around. Maybe we’ll learn a thing or two from one another…

The EduMetrics Team

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